What's in it?!


Take a shot at the Niaga game show that will trigger you to start radically questioning what's in your everyday stuff. From offline event at the Dutch Design Week 2019 to online campaign.

Simple, clean and reversible design is the way forward. At the Dutch Design Week, Niaga shows you that it can be done. Together with Tomm Velthuis Alhambra developed and produced the What's in it?! game show and translated this to an extraordinary online campaign.

"A show like at the Dutch design week could be used to create some traffic to the booth after 3PM when the other booths start serving beer."

We don’t believe in condescending messages, but so much more in the power of smart humor and knowing smiles. They open up people’s minds so they can have new insights; the foundation for any (tiny) revolution. This is how we work.

Explanatory video part of the Niaga stand.

"It’s been a month since Dutch Design Week. We can’t thank all our partners enough for the time we shared and the commitment to change we made together." - LinkedIn Niaga

Dutch Design Week invitation for partners

Dutch Design Week general invitation for the Niaga spelshow stand

Aftermovie business meeting

offline event
online campaign

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