LEGO, the creative concept for the online campaign of De Week van de Circulaire Economie 2017 (The Week of the the Circular Economy 2017). Can you rebuilt this plane and create something else in only one minute?

The world population has been quadrupled in the last 100 years and by 2050 expectations estimate it to be around 9 billion. The demand for resources keeps rising while the scarcity increases. This demands for a smarter/ more efficiënt use of our resources.

Nederland Circulair organises every year the Week van de Circulaire Economie. A week in which frontrunners already invest in smart and circular way, open doors for entrepreneurs who like to get started on circular economy.

Nederland Circulair asked Alhambra to develop a campaign concept and film to place the concept of ‘circular economy’ and to increase awareness to the Week van de Circulaire Economie 2017.

Alhambra introduced LEGO, the positive and clear to aid visualisation of the concept circular economy. With this, the campaign places the term ‘circular economy’ and we imagine it’s fun and logic to be circular with materials. Because when the airplane’s stones turn out to be glued together, it gets confusing. Still, it’s the way how economy works.

The video reached 37.962 people and by specific targeting there were many leads to the website, and the applications poured in making Week van de Circulaire Economie a huge success.

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