In collaboration with Heldergroen, Alhambra developed the campaign film about supermarket manager Ferry, the figurehead of the Fairfood campaign against wrong cocos in the supermarket.

Heldergroen and Fairfood asked Alhambra in spring 2017 to collaborate with their campaign against the wrong cocos in the supermarket. Unnoticed, you eat several kilos of cocos a year: it’s hidden in icecream, biscuits and even coffee creamer. Unfortunately, the cocos farmers don’t receive a fair wage for this life-threatening work they do.

For this, Heldergroen and Alhambra developed the ‘wrong supermarket campaign’, aiming at the awareness of the consumer and calling on the supermarket on their responsabilities. The striking and always recognizable supermarket manager Ferry was the figurehead of this campaign, online as well as offline. Besides this campaign, Fairfood collected stories of cocos farmers and published them online.

The video was watched 51.309 times on Facebook alone. The PT moment was a huge success and online the cocos emergency signal was sounded. To show what fair cocos is, Fairfood bought coconuts in Indonesia. They used the blockchain technology and were one of the first to use this technology to make the food chain more transparent and fair.


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