Do it yourself!

For DGN, the agency behind and we made two successful television commercials because taking a mortgage or health Insurance is something you can do easily yourself!

Mortgage advice and advice about the best health insurance always has been expensive. So it must be complicated? No, it’s not. With the advent of the internet it’s something you can easily do yourself. But how do you tell the Netherlands you can do it in different way?

DGN chose for Alhambra to develop two television commercials. Together we came up with the concepts, ‘because you can do it yourself’ and ‘independent comparison is possible’. From this, we developed two commercials that show how easy things are made complicated on purpose. Both commercials are a derogatory reference to the establishment of mortgage advisors and comparison websites.

We have chosen for a derogatory reference starting from a creative point of view to wake up the established market. De echoing ‘yes’ and the making fun of the advisor in the commercial made this a successful commercial that was prolonged with a year and dominated our television for two years.

With, the only independent comparison site, we focused in their specialty: health and independance. In this case, we made a statement against allround comparison websites like the Consumentenbond. With this campaign we tackled the comparison website Independer in a subtle way as well, since it is a part of Achmea, and for this reason is everything but independent.

Alhambra helped Hypotheek24 grow from the young DGN to 5000 customers. The commercial was prolonged with one year and dominated the commercial breaks for two years. Thanks to this campaign of, switchers sought independent advice in November and December to look for the cheapest health insurance in the upcoming year.

2 jaar op TV
organisatiegroei DGN

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