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'Blind trust creates shady business.' - Niaga. We strategically developed and produced their online campaign. Creating 500.000 views and 500.000 people knowing a bit more about the toxins in their everyday household products.

Blind trust creates shady business. Reports reveal the presence of toxic substances, including phthalates and PFASs, in carpets. The investigation discovered chemicals of concern – including carcinogens, endocrine disruptors and reproductive toxicants – in most of the carpet samples tested.

The Alhambra's insight: funny that we know exactly what’s in our food or clothes but we have know idea what’s in our everyday stuff. We wanted to show this contrast and asked people on the street what they know about the ingredients of their everyday household items. What we already knew became clear: we have no clue. Niaga believes you have the right to know the ingredients of the everyday products that make up your life. There’s a story to every product, ask for it.

We don’t know what’s in the everyday items we bring into our homes. The matras we sleep on or the carpet beneath our feet. We blindly trust product marketing. This blind trust creates shady business.

We reached over 500.000 views on Instagram and LinkedIn and showed the unique proposition of Niaga – simple pure materials to be proud of – connected to the broader societal issue of health and waste.

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