CEO of your own solar company with panes of 'De Zonnefabriek', The Solar Company. A surprising concept for online pre-roll campaign of solar panel installation company 'De Zonnefabriek'.

In the Netherlands sustainability has become a hot topic, while we only used 5% of sustainable energy in 2012. Due to this, The Netherlands were lagging behind their agreements of the Energy Agreements for sustainable grow from 2013. Generating solar energy isn’t only a ideological choice, but comes with financial benefits as well.

'De Zonnefabriek' chose Alhambra for the development of their first pre-roll commercial. We invented the catchphrase ‘become CEO of your own solar factory’. We highlighted the sustainable and Financial benefits of solar panels.

The concept was received well. It braught the Solar Factory and its customers the positive and independent association it needed in that time.

Pre-roll video

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