The author Mark Twain said: ‘Every joke is a tiny revolution’

Alhambra creates campaigns based Howls, Humor & Hope. Howls to get the attention the issue needs, Humor through edgy and smart storylines and Hope through clear solution and perspectives.

We don’t believe in condescending messages, but so much more in the power of smart humor and knowing smiles. They open up people’s minds so they can have new insights; the foundation for any (tiny) revolution.

  1. We focus on a hot issue

    The road to a new economy is full of obstacles; specific issues that hold up the transition. We study these ‘hot issues’ and assess what kind of positive impact consumers could have.

  2. We find and connect campaign-partners

    Hot issues cannot be solved by one party alone; it involves a combination of stakeholders. Companies, NGOs, Institutes and governments all play their part. We bring those who want to solve the issue together, and with them we set up a campaign.

  3. We define the impact we want to have

    In co-operation with the campaign-partners, we define what the end results of the campaign should be, both in quality as in quantity.

  4. We make the strategy

    Based on the defined target(s), we make the strategy how to achieve them, the media concept and the budget.

  5. We develop the campaign concept

  6. We produce means and content for the campaign

    Every campaign has its own identity, shapes and forms, but is always designed for impact and (inter)action. We produce the necessary means and content, such as short films, websites and apps.

  7. Together with our partners we launch the campaign

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