Alhambra is a small revolutionary campaigning agency based in Amsterdam. Founder and director of Alhambra (2012) is Kasper Hoex. In strategy he works in association with Peter Gersen and BBK and in creation he works with a team of freelance professionals.

020 210 1701 Posthoornkerk Haarlemmerstraat 124-A 1013 EX Amsterdam

Kasper Hoex

Director / Owner

Solutions ask for imagination and a disruptive mind. I help communicating sustainable topics in a strategic and successful way.

Peter Gersen


Maximale impact bereiken met de juiste partners en campagne makers. Die uitdaging is altijd weer spannend, uitdagend en… leuk! Het belang van het laatste wordt vaak onderschat.

Barend Wilschut

Graphic Designer

I like to think of it as a challenge to visualize complex subjects. By using my graphic interpretation, these complex subjects reach the mainstream.

BBK / Veronique Swinkels


Creative solutions demand for creative processes. Such as intensive co-creation sessions about content, strategy and creation. Under my guidance we set the first steps to concept and strategy.

Wouter Moekotte

Business Developer

In 2008 I have started Bio Futura. Our goal is to replace fossile based by bio based alternatives. As an entrepreneur pur sang, I built new sustainable projects and companies

René Hoeksema

Director of Photography

Creating videos with other creative people is by far the best job there is. But if you’re able to contribute to raise awareness to the theme of sustainability, how great is that?

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